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Optimizing Patient Pathway

Interdisciplinary Meeting on Perioperative Bleeding Management and Patient Blood Management in Cardiac Surgery
06/12/2019 | 08:30 → 18:00

EAHF - HTEA Seminar
“Interdisciplinary Meeting on Perioperative Bleeding Management and Patient Blood Management in Cardiac Surgery" 

December 6, 2019, Ankara City Hospital Campus, B1 Hall, Ankara, Turkey 

1 Day Format

State–of–the art lectures in the morning covering pathophysiology, diagnostics and treatment options in the different areas of Bleeding Management in Cardiac Surgery.Fostering interaction and exchange of knowledge and clinical experiences among medical specialities involved in the optimal treatment of patients.


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Renowned international Faculty

Who will be available for discussion, questions and academic interactions both in the lecture hall and during meals and coffee breaks.

Campus Atmosphere

Maximal 60 personally invited participants from different hospitals in Ankara and Turkey.



Application – Evaluation – Invitation process

Interested candidates (Cardiac Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, ICU Specialists, Transfusionists, Perfusionists, Nurses are asked to fill in and submit an application form and a recent CV, a scientific board consisting of the course directors will evaluate the applications and based on a predefined set of parameters (geography, speciality, gender, potential toshare and implement gained information,..) will decide on a list of participants to be personally invited to attend.

CME Credits

The meeting has been accredited by the Turkish Medical Association with 8,5 CME credits.


Due to the support of both Eurasia Heart Foundation and Heart Team EducationAssociation costs for tuition for invited attendees having passed the Application – Evaluation– Invitation process successfully can be covered.


The organizational aspects of coordination and logistics of the upcoming educational activity is delegated by Eurasia Heart Foundation and Heart Team Education to


December 6, 2019


Ankara City Hospital Campus, U Hall, Ankara, Turkey

Course Directors

Prof. Dr Paul Vogt, Prof. Dr Serdar Gunaydin

Academic Partners

Eurasia Heart Foundation
Heart Team Education Association


  • 2 days seminar, intensive interaction and exchange of knowledge and experiences both during lectures and breakfast, coffee Breaks, lunch and dinner,
  • 16 state-of the art lectures a 30 minutes + 5 minutes discussion


84 Fellows: Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Cardiac Surgeons, Transfusion Medicine, Perfusionist, Nurses from Turkey

11 Faculty members from 3 different countries (Serbia, Turkey, Switzerland)


Pathophysiology of Coagulation, Hemostatic agents (Plasma, RBC, Platelet Concenrates, Factor Concentrates, TAX, Demsopressin, ...) POB/PBM in Cardiac Surgery, Intensive Care,,Anticoagulation (NOACs), Infection Prevention, Anemia, Coagulation testing methods(Standard lab, POC) , ERAS, Bridging between Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, PBM protocols, PBM Protocols in Heart Transplantation(Final schedule and list of speakers and topics attached)

Evaluation and Feedback 

  • Feedback Meeting Learning Objectives: Out of 51 evaluation forms returned 29 strongly agreed, 22 agreed, 1 disagreed or strongly disagreed that this Seminar met its learning objectives (Detailled comments attached)
  • Suspicion of industry bias related to lectures: Out of all potential feedback options for bias (16 lectures, 8,52 % bias suspicions were registered

Content generation and sustainability of seminar by online E-Learning tool 

All lectures were recorded, will be processed and programmed into an interactive format and will be provided to all participants as a multiplicator tool supporting them in their daily clinical and teaching activities