The pension fight is the most significant battle ever to be fought by NJEA. Their leadership is organizing the local associations with scheduled actions throughout the state.

Our association is being organized by Joe Hart, our Legislative Action Team Chair. In order to mobilize our united efforts, an email tree is being established with point people for swift communication. Joe will communicate through email to the point people who will in turn email the building reps. The building reps will be expected to conduct brief association meetings to coordinate Tweets, emails, letters and other future actions.

John Malloy and Christian Cannizzaro have been established as the point people on the elementary level. We are asking the elementary building reps to send their personal email addresses to them as to quickly establish our email tree. Please take a moment today and send your personal email address to your point person as listed below.

John Malloy                                             Christian Cannizzaro                           
Greenwood                                                          Klockner
Kisthardt                                                            Mercerville
Kuser                                                                   Alexander
Lalor                                                              University Heights
Langtree                                                                 Wilson
Morgan                                                                  Yardville
Robinson                                                         Yardville Heights
Sayen                                                                    McGalliard

: The email tree has already been established with the point people on the secondary level.


Respecting the present educational climate in New Jersey, I appreciate the demands on both your professional and personal lives. Unfortunately, our future demands IMMEDIATE action. It is imperative that we fight with the other 200,000 NJEA members as there is no other organized approach.


Daniel Ashton

HTEA President




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